About us

Merely coming from dairy food culture and specialist of processing and storage tanks, ETA is today the leader in France and Europe and established himself as one of the world’s leading operators in its markets. Located in the heart of France and open to the world, ETA succeed in the markets on 5 continents, by a dynamic and growing business. In recent years, ETA has invested to upgrade its product lines in order to meet expectations of its markets by providing diversification in his range of stainless steel tanks for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Supporting our clients in their quest for excellence, allows us to offer you today a wide range of products and solutions moving closer to the requirements and specificities of each business in the folowing industries: food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, chemicals… ETA figures:

  • a capital of € 1,660,600
  • Turnover of € 18M (60/40 - tanks / road tankers)
  • Percentage export turnover of 40%
  • 150 employees
  • 12 000 m ² of manufacturing space on a site