Since 1958, expert in stainless steel road tankers

WELCOME on our website ETA Stainless steel road tankers

Serving the collection of milk and the food industry since 1958, our industrial base is constantly evolving ... our goal is to offer solutions tailored to your needs according to your highest standards:

  • Our range of tanks and bowls on pickup is ideal for collecting and transporting reduced volumes and gives you flexibility and efficiency
  • Evolutive since the creation of ETA, our rigid tankers are adaptable to any type of carrier (6 000 to 20 000 L) and our freestanding trailers (from 12 000 to 17 000 L) use chassis of 2 or 3 axles
  • Our semitrailers JUMBO range are optimized for large volumes (from 25 000 to 28 000 L)

Listening to the market and aware of the specifics of your business, we offer high reliability systems for pumping (pumping group ETA patented technology), optimizing pumping rates (PL971 pumping, pumping systems PHD60 , pumping high-speed vacuum pump), the sampling, counting. But also innovative equipment to ensure ease of use (trunk full, range of hose reels, valves, lids manhole anti retention, autoclave doors ...)

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